Re: [vserver] Running Linux vServer and KVM on same Server

From: Urban Loesch <>
Date: Tue 03 Sep 2013 - 09:00:49 BST
Message-ID: <>

Hi Herbert,

thanks for you help.
Now we had few days to think about our future configuration.
We decided to use a dedicated nic for kvm. Is easier to maintain for us :-)

We also reverted our decision to use kernel 3.10.x.
The fact that we have running production servers with kernel 3.4.45
without any problems since a few months, we would like to use the latest
3.4.x kernel.

Therefore my question, can you provide a linux vserver patch for 3.4.60?
Until now there is only a patch for 3.4.57 available. Only if it is not
much work for you.

Many thanks and regards,

Am 29.08.2013 17:19, schrieb Herbert Poetzl:
> On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 10:24:09AM +0200, Urban Loesch wrote:
>> Hi,
>> we are using linux-vserver on debian since 2007 and we are
>> very happy with it. For our business it works very great.
> Glad to hear that!
>> But we have some requirements to run a few fully virtualized
>> guests like redhat or centos where we need some specific
>> kernels to run in the guest.
>> This special guests don't need many recources so we are
>> thinking to run it on the some server together with some
>> of our linux-vserver guests.
>> Have anyone of you experience with a setup like this?
> Obviously it isn't well known, but I've been using qemu,
> and later kvm for testing the Linux-VServer kernels since
> ages and naturally, those testing happens on a host also
> running a Linux-VServer kernel :)
>> Are there any problems expectet to run linux-vserver and kvm
>> together? Or are there some other better full virtualization
>> technologies which we don't know?
> So yes, it works exceptionally well and it really simple
> to handle and control (both, Linux-VServer and kvm).
> I haven't had any problems or issues with the setup for
> a long time and there is nothing special you have to
> consider.
>> For kvm we can use a dedicated nic to route all the traffic
>> separated from the linux-vserver traffic.
> No need for that, usually a tun interface on a bridge
> will give you full flexibility, but of course, you can
> also use a dedicated nic or whatever else you prefer.
> HTC,
> Herbert
>> We intend to use kernel 3.10.x. It was announced as the next
>> long term kernel:
>> Many thanks and regards
>> Urban Loesch
Received on Tue Sep 3 09:00:55 2013

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