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From: Jonathan Sambrook (jonathan.sambrook_at_dsvr.co.uk)
Date: Thu 27 Mar 2003 - 15:43:41 GMT

At 15:20 on Thu 27/03/03, klavs_at_EnableIT.dk masquerading as 'Klavs Klavsen' wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-03-23 at 14:28, Georges Toth wrote:
> > > vserver patch doesn't apply cleanly (or even close to), as of
> > > gentoo-sources-2.4.20.
> >
> > i don't use gentoo-sources...kernels
> > i use kernels from kernel.org and patch them manually... :-)
> Well it was either that - or patch the vanilla with freeswan and USAGI -
> linux-ipv6.org patch manually. I tried both, but they change among other
> things, the schedueler so the vserver patch won't work.
> I must admit that I'm sorry about vserver not working with the closest
> thing to a proper ipv6 implementation Linux has. I need IPv6 - and IPSec
> support in IPv6 - so I don't really have a choice :(

<tongue in cheek>
Ah, but do you? You have a need, scratch it! Why wait for someone else?
</tongue in cheek>

OOI: why would freeswan or usagi need to mess with the scheduler?

> In 2.5 these patches are part of the vanilla kernel - anyone have a
> vserver patch for 2.5? then I'd be glad to try it out.
> p.s. I run a headless server and was wondering if anyone had a clever
> way of booting on a kernel only once - so if the box crashed and I
> rebooted it - it wouldn't use the same kernel - but default to boot the
> last working kernel instead. p.s. I use Grub.

After you've successfully booted, have an init script do one of:

        *) swap /boot/grub/menu.lst for a 'safe' version


 *) edit menu.lst's 'default=' variable to point to the known good
    kernel's entry

Then do the reverse on a 'good' shutdown.


 Jonathan Sambrook 
Software  Developer 
 Designer  Servers

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