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From: Arne Blankerts (blankerts_at_tow.de)
Date: Tue 13 Apr 2004 - 10:09:28 BST

On Sat, 2004-04-10 at 01:45, Roderick A. Anderson wrote:

> So to 'do it right' I'm planning on using FedoraHowTo (I'm sorry but
> I've used Redhat since 3.0.3 -- after an initial Slackware install that
> was fun but harder to maintain -- and though there have been some hick-ups
> along the way my attempts at other distros has been less than
> encouraging.)

Why would anyone be sorry for using a RedHat based OS? I'm quite happy
with Fedora ;> and that's the reason i wrote the HowTo to begin with ;)

> I'm starting to feel comfortable compiling the vserver
> kernel myself. My questions deal with the hardware. The RAID isn't a
> problem but I'm wondering about the 4 CPUs and RAM. Is there anything I
> should keep in mind as I'm configuring for this?

SMP is in the "processor type and features" page (in case you used 'make
menuconfig' or 'make xconfig' ), and so is the high mem option.

SMP should be enabled by default in a vanilla kernel..

> One other question -- which I'll probably answer myself this week-end --
> is what is a minimal Fedora installation for the main server? There has
> been lots of discussions (many caused my me) on the list about minmal
> vserver configurations but not a lot about the main server that I can
> remember seeing. If anyone has suggestions for their minimal main server
> I'm open to them.

For a minimal fedora base server, just select custom and disable
everything besides kernel development. That will get you gcc and tools
so you can compile stuff. Since you're going to have yum after install,
you can get what you missed later on. At least that's how i install my

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