Re: [Vserver] Probs after update world in Gentoo Guest

From: Chuck <>
Date: Sat 29 Oct 2005 - 10:52:49 BST
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On Saturday 29 October 2005 04:37 am, Oliver Welter wrote:

i run gentoo.. no expert on portage but..

> Hi Hollow, Hi List,
> I have several problems with my gentoo guests :(
> 1) I build a new guest from scratch using "vserver-new" with a stage3
> tarball from your website, afterwards I did an "emerge -u world".
> Running etc-update tries to replaced /etc/inittab with a version taht
> contains tty entries - no good ida I think...

did you first run emerge metadata and check the world file to be sure the
standard baselayout is replaced with the vserver one in the listing? it
sounds like something got confused. i installed all my production guests
using the above method and p3 tar and didn't have that problem. maybe it is
unique to a certain tar version?

> 2) The recent utils (0.30.308-r4) are a little bit to silent...
> I was running above mentioned server on a r4 toolset without any
> error-msgs. I than transfered the server image to a box with -r2 tools
> and got startup errors, that looks like the old problem with broken init
> scripts...
> When upgrading the tools the error messages are gone, the server seems
> to startup withput problems but I am a little bit nervous....

there were some start/stop issues with earlier tools on gentoo. -r4 is the
first one to work properly with their fixes for it. i just installed -r5
which seems to be working well once i figure out what i dont have configured
correctly when using depends.

> BTW: Base systems are Gentoo too, both using recent kernels wit 2.0vs
> patches...

> Any ideas ??
> Oliver
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